The Cambodia Daily

The dramatic final front page story for The Cambodia Daily covering the arrest of opposition leader Kem Sokha.



Democratic Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax has retained the law firm of Wilkinson Walsh + Eskovitz--the same firm that represented then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate confirmation hearings.


The Washington Monthly

D.C. statehood would be a boon for Democrats. But experts say the party will have to get over its squeamishness about expanding its own power to make it happen.



VPM, Associated Press

A small but vocal group of left-wing activists are calling for Virginia Democrats to stop taking money from a prominant donor tied to a major ICE contractor.


The Cambodia Daily

Douglas Latchford, a globe-trotting 80-something Brit, has made a name for himself in real estate, bodybuilding and Southeast Asian antiquities collecting—the last proving the most controversial.



The Cambodia Daily

Across Phnom Penh, rapid development and slow planning for a new sewage treatment plant is likely to spell a smellier future as the capitol’s remaining wetlands are swallowed by a massive satellite city.


The Cambodia Daily

In spite of Dream Land’s spotty safety record and subpar marks from tourists—Tripadvisor reviews have titles like “Zombieland” and “Do Not Go”—some locals will miss the amusement park.



Adan Trimmer grew up in a conservative, Christian family in Prince George County, Virginia. When he was 17, he decided to come out to his parents. It didn't go well.


The Cambodia Daily

Experts warn that soaring population,  minimal enforcement of parking and vehicle tax laws and lackluster public transit options could spell decades of gridlock if action is not taken soon.



The Cambodia Daily

His mind was damaged by the Canadian government, but David Nixon's memories of Cambodia live on.


Mission Local

Miguel Jara doesn’t have a smartphone and doesn’t use the internet. So when his burrito was named the country by a prominent blog, the former car mechanic found out about it from lines that stretched around the block.


Christian Science Monitor

Last month, Mu Sochua became an empty nester. Advice columns suggest that parents look for distractions, but she already has too many.



November 2017

The Diplomat

Hun Sen, who cut his political chops as leader of a one-party state during the 1980s, has shown how the rivalries and rhetoric of the Cold War era still animate Cambodian politics.

 Time Running Out for CPP Reforms

June 2017
The Cambodia Daily

Analysts say that the case is as strong as ever for the aging CPP to remake and rebrand itself to voters on a scale it never managed to after the last election, even if they remain skeptical the party can overcome decades of inertia.

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